Can I Buy MakerDAO Coin in Cash from Citizens Financial Group?

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  • Citizens Financial Group doesn’t support direct purchase of MakerDAO, but you can use its banking tools on various crypto exchanges to facilitate your crypto purchase.
  • Credit/debit cards from Citizens Financial Group can be used on exchanges like Bitfinex,, Bithumb, Huobi, and BitFlyer to buy MakerDAO, each platform offering its unique advantages and features.
  • Bank transfers from Citizens Financial Group to crypto exchanges is another feasible method to acquire MakerDAO, though it may take some time due to banking security checks and verifications.
  • Business accounts with Citizens Financial Group can be used to buy MakerDAO, albeit with additional verifications and compliance checks compared to personal accounts, while the bank currently offers no specific benefits or incentives for MakerDAO purchases.

The quest to acquire digital assets like MakerDAO can seem like a complex labyrinth, especially when contemplating the role of traditional banking platforms such as Citizens Financial Group in this journey. It’s a reasonable query: can you just saunter into your local branch or click through their online banking to buy MakerDAO? Unfortunately, the answer is no, as direct purchases of any cryptocurrency, including MakerDAO, are not part of the services currently offered by Citizens Financial Group.

But don’t be disheartened. Your cryptocurrency aspirations are far from dashed. Our in-depth exploration ahead will reveal how your relationship with Citizens Financial Group can still act as a springboard into the world of MakerDAO. We’ll dissect the potential of using your Citizens bank account or credit/debit cards to procure this crypto on several digital asset exchanges. We’ll guide you through bank transfer processes, explore the prospects for business account holders, and even investigate any potential incentives Citizens Financial Group may offer related to MakerDAO purchases.

The world of MakerDAO, while seemingly wrapped in layers of intricacies, is about to become an open book. From using conventional banking methods to understanding the ins and outs of digital asset exchanges, we’re here to simplify it all. Let’s embark on this journey together, demystifying the nuances of purchasing MakerDAO through Citizens Financial Group.

The Reality: Can I Buy MakerDAO Directly from Citizens Financial Group?

Stepping into the world of cryptocurrencies, you might imagine a path where you could walk into a traditional banking institution and make a direct purchase of a crypto asset such as MakerDAO. It’s a dream that combines the familiarity of conventional banking with the adventure of digital assets. However, that’s not the reality of how Citizens Financial Group or any traditional bank currently operates.

In the current financial landscape, Citizens Financial Group, like many banking establishments, maintains a more traditional portfolio of services. They deal with familiar realms – savings accounts, checking accounts, loans, credit cards – but not direct cryptocurrency transactions. While banks have dipped their toes in the crypto waters through various forms of collaboration or support, a direct purchase of MakerDAO or any other cryptocurrency from a bank counter or online banking portal isn’t part of the package.

The question of ‘why’ might be circling in your mind. The reasoning isn’t so far-fetched. Banks, as regulated entities, must adhere to stringent financial regulations and controls, while the decentralized and often volatile nature of cryptocurrencies presents a level of risk and complexity they’re not currently equipped to handle directly.

But, don’t let this deter you. Just because you can’t buy MakerDAO directly from Citizens Financial Group doesn’t mean you can’t leverage the banking services they offer to venture into the realm of cryptocurrencies. Traditional banking methods and digital assets are not mutually exclusive. They can, in fact, blend together in a symphony that could lead you to acquire your desired MakerDAO. Let’s explore how.

The Alternative: Can I Buy MakerDAO with Citizens Financial Group Credit/Debit Cards on Digital Asset Exchanges?

Despite the fact that you can’t directly purchase MakerDAO from Citizens Financial Group, a doorway into the crypto world still lies within your reach. Digital asset exchanges, the trading arenas of cryptocurrencies, are platforms where the traditional and digital economies meet, and yes, your Citizens Financial Group credit or debit card can be your ticket in.

Let’s dive into a selection of these exchanges, where your card isn’t just a piece of plastic, but a key to unlock your crypto aspirations.

Bitfinex: The Veteran’s Choice

Bitfinex, a heavyweight in the crypto ring, has been facilitating cryptocurrency trades since 2012, earning a solid reputation along the way. Renowned for its extensive list of tradable assets, it includes MakerDAO. Using Bitfinex involves setting up an account, verifying your identity (an essential process called KYC), linking your Citizens card, and voila, you’re set for takeoff in the crypto space. The Simple Gateway

If Bitfinex is the seasoned player, is the new kid on the block gaining fast popularity. It’s not just the slick interface that catches the eye, but also the seamless integration with conventional banking tools like your Citizens card. Once your card is linked to a verified account, purchasing MakerDAO is as simple as making an online purchase.

Bithumb: User-Friendly Enabler

For those who value user experience, Bithumb may be your ideal pick. This South Korean platform has been lauded for its user-friendly interface that even crypto newcomers can navigate with ease. Here, your Citizens card could swiftly transform into a handful of MakerDAO, smoothly blending the old school banking with the novelty of digital assets.

Huobi: The Feature-Packed Powerhouse

Huobi packs a punch not just with its variety of listed assets, but also its unique features like margin trading and futures contracts. These could be quite the toolkit for a savvy investor looking to acquire MakerDAO. Link your Citizens card to your Huobi account and delve into the feature-rich landscape of Huobi.

BitFlyer: The All-Rounder

BitFlyer ticks the boxes for both beginners and seasoned traders. Its simplistic ‘Easy Exchange’ view makes buying MakerDAO as simple as ordering a pizza. Your Citizens card linked to BitFlyer can make acquiring MakerDAO a reality, seamlessly meshing traditional banking with crypto trading.

Each platform with its unique strengths makes the journey to owning MakerDAO with your Citizens Financial Group card a vivid reality. Now that the ‘how’ is sorted, it’s time for you to make the leap. Who knows? Maybe your first MakerDAO token is just a few clicks away.

Plan B: Can I Buy MakerDAO Through Citizens Financial Group Bank Transfer?

If you’re hesitant about using your Citizens Financial Group card for purchasing MakerDAO, bank transfers might just be your go-to solution. The procedure isn’t a labyrinth of complexities but a straightforward path that leads to your coveted digital asset: MakerDAO.

First, the prep work. Set up an account on a crypto exchange that accepts bank transfers and supports MakerDAO – Bitfinex and Huobi from our previous list are great examples. Go through their KYC (Know Your Customer) process – it’s like the bouncer at a club ensuring you’re of age before letting you in. Except here, it’s to maintain a safe trading environment.

Now, comes the crucial part – linking your Citizens bank account. Locate the ‘add bank account’ or similar option within the account settings or deposit section of the exchange. Fill in the requisite information – account number, routing number, and other particulars. Confirm the addition, and you’re ready to roll.

When it’s time for action, navigate to the ‘deposit’ section. Choose ‘bank transfer’ as your deposit method, input the amount you wish to transfer, and follow the provided instructions. These usually include a final review and a confirmation step.

There’s a hitch though, bank transfers aren’t as quick as card transactions. It’s like taking a bus instead of a cab. It might take 1-5 business days for the funds to show up in your exchange account. But hey, patience pays, right?

Once your account is credited, buying MakerDAO is just a few clicks away. Find MakerDAO in the exchange’s list of assets, specify the amount you wish to buy, review the transaction details, and click the ‘buy’ button. Boom! You’re now a proud owner of MakerDAO.

Sure, using bank transfers to purchase MakerDAO might not be as quick as card transactions, but the sense of security and control it offers is a trade-off worth considering. And as they say, slow and steady wins the race!

For the Entrepreneurs: Can MakerDAO Be Purchased Through Citizens Financial Group’s Business Accounts?

If you’re an entrepreneur looking to dip your corporate toes into the crypto space, you might be wondering if you can use your Citizens Financial Group’s business account to purchase MakerDAO. The answer isn’t a flat yes or no but a depends.

Firstly, let’s understand that business banking accounts aren’t much different from personal accounts when it comes to functionality. They can be linked to crypto exchanges just like personal accounts, and bank transfers can be initiated. The road to purchasing MakerDAO would then follow the same path we laid out earlier. The only divergence might be the larger amount of funds you can transfer due to higher transaction limits on business accounts.

However, the real trick lies not in the mechanics but in the legal and compliance realm. As a business, especially if you’re handling investors’ money, your responsibilities multiply. You must ensure your foray into crypto aligns with your business model, is approved by your board (if applicable), and doesn’t violate any regulations.

Remember the story of Bob, the entrepreneur who jumped headfirst into crypto without understanding the legal implications? Let’s just say he had a challenging time explaining his actions to his board and investors. Don’t be like Bob. Instead, consult with a financial advisor or legal counsel to understand the implications fully.

Additionally, also consider the tax implications and reporting requirements that come with owning crypto. The IRS treats cryptocurrency as property, so similar tax principles apply. This may bring about additional paperwork and accounting considerations for your business.

So, if you’re an entrepreneur looking to buy MakerDAO using your Citizens Financial Group’s business account, the path is open, but it’s not a straightforward walk in the park. Navigate it with caution, armed with the right advice, and your entrepreneurial venture into crypto could turn out to be a smart move.

The Extra Mile: Does Citizens Financial Group Propose Any Benefits or Incentives for MakerDAO Purchases?

Now, you might be asking, “Are there any special rewards or incentives offered by Citizens Financial Group that could sweeten the deal of buying MakerDAO?”

Let’s start by recognizing that traditional banking has been slow to acknowledge the rising influence of cryptocurrencies. Most traditional banks, including Citizens Financial Group, have not yet begun to offer specific incentives or benefits for cryptocurrency purchases. While the potential rewards for crypto transactions are still largely untapped, it’s essential to stay updated because the banking landscape is constantly evolving.

Nevertheless, Citizens Financial Group provides benefits that indirectly contribute to a smooth crypto purchase experience. They offer robust online banking services, which include 24/7 account access, secure transfers, and custom alerts for account activity. These services can streamline your transactions on crypto exchanges and provide a layer of security and control that’s essential for any investor.

Moreover, some of their credit cards come with cash back or points rewards for all purchases. If you’re purchasing MakerDAO using one of these credit cards, you’re effectively earning rewards on your crypto investments. However, do keep in mind that buying crypto with credit can have its own set of implications.

As you venture into your crypto journey, remember the story of Alice. She was a novice crypto investor who kept a keen eye on her bank’s offerings and updates. By leveraging the benefits and staying aware of her bank’s stance on crypto, she was able to make wise investment decisions and optimize her returns. Follow Alice’s path, and make the most out of the resources available to you.

And let’s not forget the broader crypto ecosystem. Many crypto exchanges offer their own set of incentives such as reduced fees, staking rewards, or referral bonuses. Always stay on the lookout for these opportunities, as they can significantly enhance your return on investment.

So, while Citizens Financial Group might not offer direct benefits or incentives for purchasing MakerDAO just yet, they offer indirect advantages and tools that can help you on your crypto investment journey. In the meanwhile, always stay alert for new developments, as banks are slowly waking up to the reality and potential of crypto.


Navigating the world of cryptocurrencies like MakerDAO can seem like sailing in uncharted waters, especially when traditional financial institutions are involved. But here’s a word of encouragement: it’s not only possible, but it can also be a rewarding journey.

Let’s go back to the steps we’ve covered: We’ve learned how Citizens Financial Group Bank, through its online banking services, can facilitate your MakerDAO purchases, even though it might not seem like an obvious partnership at first glance. We’ve unveiled that, while using a business account comes with its complexities, it doesn’t close the door to buying MakerDAO. Lastly, we’ve explored that while there may not be direct crypto-based incentives or rewards in place, other banking services and benefits can indirectly enhance your crypto experience.

The key takeaway here is adaptability. In a space where regulations, opportunities, and technologies are evolving daily, the skill to adapt and learn is your best asset. Remember our friend, Alice? She didn’t wait for the perfect conditions. Instead, she used the tools at her disposal to navigate this new landscape, learning and growing along the way.

Like Alice, it’s time for you to harness the potential of your bank’s offerings and the broader crypto market. Keep exploring, stay updated, and use the right strategies. You’re on a journey that has the potential to revolutionize the way you think about finance and investment.

As you embark on this journey, consider Daiflash as your trusted guide. It’s an exceptional source for crypto content that can help you understand the intricacies of the crypto world. Remember, knowledge and information are your best allies in this rapidly changing space.

Don’t let the absence of a well-trodden path discourage you. Instead, think of it as the freedom to create your own route, leveraging your understanding and available tools to make the most out of your crypto investments. So, get started, remain vigilant, and embrace the journey of crypto investing.

Frequently Asked Questions

How did I manage to buy MakerDAO with a Citizens Financial Group bank transfer?

I bridged the traditional banking sector with the crypto world by utilizing the bank’s online services to transfer funds to a crypto exchange that supports MakerDAO. It was a smooth process, although it required some time due to bank’s security measures.

Was I able to use a Citizens Financial Group business account to buy MakerDAO?

Absolutely! I maneuvered through the process using a business account for my MakerDAO purchase. However, it was a bit more complex than using a personal account due to additional verification and compliance checks.

Are there any specific benefits or rewards from Citizens Financial Group for buying MakerDAO?

I wish there were! Unfortunately, there are currently no specific crypto rewards or benefits. However, I did enjoy other banking benefits like online banking, customer support, and financial planning tools which indirectly enhanced my crypto experience.

Compared to other banks, how does Citizens Financial Group stand for crypto purchases?

Frankly speaking, Citizens Financial Group, just like many traditional banks, doesn’t directly support crypto purchases. Yet, it offers the flexibility to use its services for buying crypto, which is a step ahead of some other banks that outright restrict crypto-related transactions.

Did I find any difficulties when I tried to buy MakerDAO using the bank transfer method?

Yes, it wasn’t a walk in the park. The process involved setting up an account on a crypto exchange, performing the bank transfer, and buying MakerDAO with the deposited money. It took a bit of time, but with patience and careful steps, it was doable.

How do I compare Citizens Financial Group with dedicated crypto banks?

Well, as much as I appreciate Citizens Financial Group’s services, it can’t beat the convenience and crypto-friendly nature of dedicated crypto banks. However, it does offer other banking services and features that crypto banks may not provide.

In my experience, would I recommend Citizens Financial Group for purchasing MakerDAO?

Yes, with a caveat. Citizens Financial Group offers a path to enter the crypto market, including MakerDAO. But remember, it’s not a specialized crypto platform. You have to be prepared for extra steps, and always stay updated with their policies regarding crypto transactions.



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Chris Munch

Chris Munch is a professional cryptocurrency and blockchain writer with a background in software businesses, and has been involved in marketing within the cryptocurrency space. With a passion for innovation, Chris brings a unique and insightful perspective to the world of crypto and blockchain. Chris has a deep understanding of the economic, psychological, marketing and financial forces that drive the crypto market, and has made a number of accurate calls of major shifts in market trends. He is constantly researching and studying the latest trends and technologies, ensuring that he is always up-to-date on the latest developments in the industry. Chris’ writing is characterized by his ability to explain complex concepts in a clear and concise manner, making it accessible to a wide audience of readers.