Cardano-Based Project ADA Finance Partners With Roger Ver, Early Bitcoin Investor, To Help Grow The DeFi Ecosystem

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Cardano-Based Project ADA Finance Partners With Roger Ver, Early Bitcoin Investor, To Help Grow The DeFi Ecosystem

ADA Finance is the most advanced decentralized financial ecosystem built with Cardano, Avalanche, and Ethereum technologies. The Best DeFi project of the Year – ADA Finance – has just announced a major partnership with industry pioneer Roger Ver, an investment from the world’s most trusted cryptocurrency adoption agency.

ADA Finance has become the first-ever winner of the “Best Defi project of the year” award, at the AIBC Summit 2021, as investor Roger Ver joins the growing list of big-name influencers.

Best DeFi project of the Year” award was presented at the AIBC Summit in Malta on 17th November 2021 to ADA Finance, the Cardano and Avalanche-powered DeFi ecosystem.
The win took place on November 16th, along with the involvement of early Bitcoin investor Roger Ver, who has joined the project as an investor. ADA Finance’s big announcements come just in time for its IDO in mid-December 2021, just one month after the project’s IDO.

The Winning DeFi Project Of The Year

At Europe’s premier event for blockchain, AI, and emerging tech, AIBC Summit, Malta, ADA Finance has won the highly coveted award for “Best DeFi Project of the Year” despite some stiff competition.

ADA Finance becomes the first Cardano-based project to receive this award. It beat other highly regarded projects, including Safemoon, a DeFi token of community focus, and ABEYFoundation, a PoW/DPoS hybrid consensus.

The recent achievements of ADA Finance have brought the project into the spotlight, joining winners MakerDAO, and SingularityDAO, an AI-powered DeFi portfolio project. 

Bitcoin Champion Roger Ver is bullish on ADA Finance

Bitcoin investor and blockchain advocate Roger Ver has taken notice of ADA Finance’s success. Known as “Crypto Jesus”, Ver was one of the first investors in Bitcoin back in 2011, and the former CEO of

Ver is well known for his past involvement in successful blockchain projects, such as Ripple, (XRP), Kraken, Shapeshift, and Bitpay. Recent investments in decentralized oracle service provider XFai have changed Ver’s focus to the DeFi market. 

In addition to Ver, the project has also attracted a line-up of A-list influencers, including YouTube sensation Carl “The Moon” and MMCrypto. With a star-studded influencer lineup, the focus now turns to the ADAFI platform.

How Cardano Is Reinventing Blockchain For The Next Generation

To become the first project based on Cardano to release its code on a public repository, ADA Finance chose to release its code under the GNU General Public License. The code can be forked by anyone, provided they also make their own staking code public. 

This movement is being initiated by ADA Finance on behalf of the entire Cardano ecosystem in the hope that more projects will follow. As a result of this pioneering move, Cardano and the greater blockchain industry can benefit from openness and trust, which will promote trust, fairness, and the potential for massive growth. 

As well, ADA Finance has launched an Academy Program with Bitdegree to create awareness for Cardano blockchain development and to encourage further participation from the wider community of programmers. In addition, the program will assist in building a strong, sustainable ecosystem and develop talented, fully certified smart contract developers as Cardano develops as a layer one project. 

With the “Best DeFi Project of the Year” award as a springboard, a superior blockchain platform, an Academy Program and industry support, a pioneering Cardano philosophy, and an upcoming IDO, ADA Finance should be among the top contenders going forward.

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