Cryptocurrency Loan Company Celsius Network Repaid $34.43M DAI Debt To Crypto Lender MakerDao

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As Celsius Network tries to avert a complete collapse, it has repaid another $34.43 million of its debt to MakerDAO.

The repayment will put an end to a period of uncertainty that began when investors became apprehensive about the company’s liquidity position. It marks a significant moment in the history of the ecosystem and is an important step towards building a healthy, sustainable crypto economy that doesn’t leave anyone holding the bag.

In less than 24 hours, this is the second such repayment. According to reports, Celsius owns vault 25977, which shows a series of payments starting June 14.

Currently, it has a liquidation value of $2,722. After Celsius paid back a $50 million BTC loan earlier this week, the liquidation price stood at $8,838.57.

There are currently 21,962 wBTC and $41.2 million in DAI debt held by the crypto lender.

It was reported that Maker had repaid a $120 million crypto loan in a recent report published by CryptoPotato.

Liquidation sank to $4,966.99 during the largest payment of $64 million made on July 4.

Aave and Compound also received $67 million in debt payment from the firm on July 2.

As a result of the loan repayments, the threshold for forcible liquidation is being lower.

In addition to stopping withdrawals, Celsius laid off 150 employees a fortnight ago.

An offer of rescue was made by Nexo to the beleaguered company. A second bailout offer was made by FTX but was abandoned after a “$2 billion hole” was allegedly found in Celsius’ finances.

To help with financial restructuring, Celsius hired Citigroup and Akin Gump Strauss Hauer & Feld LLP.

Celsius Network was launched back in 2017 by former blue-chip company CelsiusNet along with other companies. The main aim of the company was to provide a stable cryptocurrency for online gaming sites and casino platforms that operate in the Chinese market.

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