MakerDao And Community Gaming To Drive The Adoption Of DAI Stablecoin Through Crypto Esports Tournaments

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makerdao esports stablecoin adoption

The DAI stablecoin is growing fast and spreading to new markets.

Community Gaming and MakerDAO have joined forces to launch the Crypto Maker Series, a series of tournaments designed to boost the use of the DAI stablecoin through esports.

As part of the Crypto Maker Series, MakerDAO and Community Gaming have teamed up to promote the DAI stablecoin through esports. Across three popular Latin American titles, 9 tournaments will be held for the series.

The Crypto Maker Series will take place in the fourth quarter of 2021

With the Crypto Maker Series, Community Gaming and MakerDAO, architect of the DAI stablecoin, will double their bet on esports in Latin America. Nine flash events will take place throughout the quarter for CS:GO, Free Fire, and Dota2.  As part of Community Gaming’s commitment to educating and strengthening the relationship between the esports and blockchain industries, the Series is one of many tournament series the organization has planned.

The series aims to serve as a catalyst for esports events powered by the web3 movement as blockchain technology grows in Latin America.

Global crypto popularity is a clear indication of DeFi’s acceptance. said Bryan Mier, Community Gaming’s Regional Manager for Latin America and Business Development. Introducing Latin American talent to these trends is a means of equipping them with the knowledge and resources required to participate in this new era of digital competition.

By using DAI as the center of this operation, the two partners are educating and guiding the region’s gamer population about the potential and versatility of cryptocurrencies. Due to the large number of virtual wallets and networks that support DAI, it is a suitable entry point into the blockchain ecosystem since it not only allows for the exchange for local currency through Exchanges, but also avoids the volatility that many other cryptocurrencies experience.

Decentralized, collateral-backed stablecoin anchored to the value of US dollars. Stored in cryptocurrency wallets or on other platforms, DAI is unbiased, decentralized, and backed by collateral. In contrast to cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin or Ethereum that determine their value based on market demand and supply; Overcollateralization of crypto assets, primarily ETH, keeps the DAI’s value tied to the USD value, this ensures that there is always a greater number of crypto assets that support the value of each DAI.

It is imperative that people can connect more no matter where they are in these digital times, according to MakerDAO Business Developer Luis Lozada in Latin America.

This is possible through DAI, as a means of exchange between peers, salary payments or in this case as a prize in video game tournaments. DAI offers the financial world (a degree of) freedom that didn’t exist before.

The Crypto Maker Series will also promote the concept of “play-to-earn,” a pillar of the blockchain gaming community. Prizes will be awarded to the top eight at each event, summing up to more than 300 cryptos awarded within two months.

Players from Latin America’s Southern Region will be able to participate in the Series in November and December 2021. Each tournament will introduce various communities in Latin America to the use and understanding of cryptocurrencies due to the variety of esports offered in the series. All tournaments will be free to enter, broadcast on Community Gaming Latin America’s official channels.

About Community Gaming:

Community Gaming provides esports infrastructure to all key stakeholders through an all-in-one platform.The platform’s seamless UX and scalable blockchain technology equips players, organizers, and developers with tools for creating, hosting, and participating in esports events.

About MakerDAO:

MakingDAO is a decentralized autonomous organization based on smart contracts that run on the Ethereum blockchain. The Maker Protocol and the DAI financial risks are managed by MKR holders through an international governance system, including Governance Surveys and Executive Votes. This helps ensure the project’s stability and transparency.More details about the organization are available on its community portal, official forum and Twitter.

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