MakerDAO’s $1.2 Billion Dollar Stablecoin is the Future of Crypto

The MakerDAO team announced that their first financing proposal has been approved. The MKR token has seen a new…

Chris Munch
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MANA, The Virtual World’s Native Currency Added As a New Collateral Type To The MakerDAO Ecosystem

The decentralized stablecoin DAI may now be generated with mana token as a collateral type.

DAI may now be generated…

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Dan Hollings The Plan – Crypto Grid Bot Gold Coaching Fail 2022? | Wiggle Factor Algo Trading Strategy Review For DEX

Are you wondering how you can profit from cryptocurrency? The answer might be right in front of you.  Cryptocurrencies have proven...
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makerdao mkr explained founders

MKR Voters To Support A Staking Mechanism Proposal by Monetsupply Aimed At Reducing MakerDao’s Tokenomics Disparity

The MakerDAO ecosystem is in the midst of a transition to a Staked-Based Reputation System. The MakerDAO community is currently brainstorming...
Chris Munch
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Venture Capital

DAO Maker Tokens: The 2022 Blockchain Based Option For The Venture Capital Industry

Venture capital is often an unregulated industry with multiple overlapping layers of investment. This has led to the creation of a...
Chris Munch
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What is MakerDAO Stablecoin? | 2022 Crypto Beginner’s Guide To Multi Collateral Loans With MKR and DAI Token On Oasis

Central banks and governments are still trying to figure out how to regulate cryptocurrencies. It’s no secret that their volatility makes...
Chris Munch
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The Critical Difference Between Tether, Dai, Binance, Terra & Other Crypto Tokens

Top Stablecoins Crypto Comparison | Tether vs Dai, Binance, Terra and PAX and Manipulation Scandal

Central Banks and Regulators don’t want competition when it comes to issuing new dollars. Which is why they’re watching stablecoins like...
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