Tesla Signs Big MakerDao Financial Deal: New Real World Assets, Blockchain & Web3 Use Cases

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In the race for autonomous vehicles and digital mobility services, manufacturers must invest in digital solutions that enable them to deliver safe and efficient cars faster. This is why car manufacturers are turning to blockchain technology to find new ways of producing, renting and leasing cars, as well as selling their services directly to customers. In this article, we explore how blockchain is changing the auto industry by introducing you to some of the world’s largest car manufacturers that use blockchain technology.

Tesla recently closed a $7.8M financing deal through MakerVault, a makerdao defi protocol. 

The funding will be used to build a new Tesla repair and collision center. Tesla is reportedly about to receive the first tranche of a big MakerDao financing deal. MakerDao tweeted about the deal.

SixS Capital is a client of RWA and has access to Tesla’s MakerDAO vaults as the lender that fully collateralizes Tesla’s MakerDAO vaults.

In the MakerDao FAQ, it is described how the Maker Vault can be used to generate Dai against secured collateral. It is generated against the user’s collateral, and is then destroyed when the user repays the generated Dai balance.

Decentralized applications are increasingly being wrapped in centralized services. This trend was highlighted in our Hype Cycle for Blockchain, 2021 (see CeDeFi.com). Every day, mainstream corporations begin to explore Web3 and Metaverse business opportunities more and more.

According to IDC, 25% of organizations will integrate legacy web3 apps with centralized services by 2024.

In addition to the Tesla financing deal, there are several examples of how centralized services wrapped around decentralized applications can add value to organizations. These examples are just a few.

These examples and use cases are expected to proliferate as Web3 gains momentum. There are many off-the-shelf services that enterprises can now use to take part in the new economy, with blockchain and Web3 architectures maturing quickly.

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