World Blockchain Summit Presented Binance, MakerDAO, Polytrade Finance, Blockchain Experts and Cryptocurrencies Startups

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World Blockchain Summit Presented Binance, MakerDAO, Polytrade Finance, Blockchain Experts & Cryptocurrencies Startups

The #1 Blockchain event of the year World Blockchain Summit, offers participants the opportunity to learn from the brightest minds in the field of blockchain and crypto, while networking with entrepreneurs and investors from around the world. This year the summit featured sessions by big-name Blockchain experts, including Binance, MakerDAO, Polytrade Finance, and more.

An annual event bringing together Blockchain experts, startups in the field of finance and cryptocurrencies, government agencies, businesses and billionaire investors, the World Blockchain Summit is held every year.

This October, the conference was attended by more than 4200 investors, 900 speakers, 350 media partners, and 52 typical representatives of each country.  Among the attendees who caught the attention of the financial technology sector were representatives from Binance, MakerDAO, Polytrade Finance, LunaPR, Vent Finance, BitMEX & new potential cryptocurrency projects like BitcoinDeFi.

Leveraging Technical Advances Related to Digital Assets

Trescon CEO Mithun Shetty stated that the World Blockchain Summit had always concentrated on exploiting technological advances and national policy related to digital assets issued by governments.

Bringing Governments and businesses together with experts in the field of cryptocurrencies at the World Blockchain Summit leads to mutually beneficial agreements.

By promoting the development ecosystem and offering cooperation opportunities with leading organizations, the Organizing Committee aims to offer a playground for potential FinTech startups to solve the leading challenges of the cryptocurrency industry.

In addition to the conference, a variety of exchange and entertainment activities were conducted to foster interaction between conference participants: Racing on Desert Safari; Enjoying the after-conference party; Staying at the 3BK Armani Hotel, Burj Khalifa.

According to Charles Hoskinson, Founder of Cardano (ADA) & Co-Founder of Ethereum (ETH), the World Blockchain Summit is a vibrant ecosystem that brings startups and leading technology experts together.

The World’s First-Ever DeFi Model Built On Layer-2 of The Bitcoin Blockchain

A representative from BTCDEFI GLOBAL FZCO, the company that founded BitcoinDeFi (BTCDF), spoke to the expert panel as a potential startup project. He explained the world’s first-ever innovative DeFi model, built on Layer-2 of the Bitcoin Blockchain. 

Besides promoting the model and upcoming milestones, the representative of this cryptocurrency project from Dubai gave investors advice on the best BTCDF investment path based on their short, medium and long-term goals. A participant in the event, Abdul-Qadir, shared that trading experience, capital allocation method, and strategy to follow up the market developments were all very thoroughly discussed. As a result, after departing from BitcoinDeFi’s advisory services, he put that into practice. 

A unique combination of three DeFi layers – P2P Mutual Financial Contribution; Node Supply; Operation Mechanisms; DeFi Ecosystem – has allowed BTCDF to self-grow. Model mechanisms ensure equal benefits for a community of mutual financial contributions while providing leverage from complex DeFi services. Through various forms of profitable farming, the hoarding community has the opportunity to increase its wealth.

Cryptocurrency Industry’s Investment Funds and Organizations Embrace Cooperation

During the 19th World Blockchain Summit, BitcoinDeFi’s proposals for cooperation and development policies won the consensus of investment funds and organizations in the cryptocurrency field. These strategic partnerships will soon benefit the BTCDF investment community.

Founded by Blockchain experts, billionaire investors and global financial institutions, the World Blockchain Summit provides access to blockchain experts, billionaire investors, and leading cryptocurrency projects around the world. Taking advantage of this playground will contribute to the flourishing of the cryptocurrency ecosystem throughout the world, since each project will be able to accelerate its development.

BitcoinDeFi will launch a new platform, “NodNet,” in November 2021 to allow people to make friends in exchange for profit.

GameFi’s value lies in its ‘Play-to-earn’ mode that allows global players to earn profits through gaming. By contrast, SocialFi’s value lies in making friends in order to earn profits; that is, inviting new members into the SocialFi network to reap profits.

By letting users passively receive new members, BitcoinDeFi’s SocialFi allows old users to circumvent only being able to introduce users who they already know to join through word of mouth. Therefore, the benefit from peer-to-peer financial reciprocity is maximized.

Additionally, new users can also easily identify and select potential old users based on certain criteria such as: Size of Node; Cashback level; DeFi Pool index; etc. Users can become the leading Nodes when they accumulate enough experience stats and benefit from the cash flow of rookies.

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